Video of Panel Discussion on Taxation of Expatriates

As mentioned in our previous post, three of SEAT’s founders participated in a panel discussion on the Taxation of Expatriate and Cross-border individuals. A video of that discussion, which took place on June 29, 2021 is now available:

The discussion was chaired by Dr Bernard Schneider from Queen Mary University of London. (In 2012 Dr. Schneider authored: “The End of Taxation without End: A New Tax Regime for U.S. Expatriates“.) Participants included Dr Laura Snyder, John Richardson, Dr Karen Alpert and Professor Edoardo Traversa.

The discussion was divided into three areas, each taking up roughly a third of the two-hour video above.

I. Residence

What criteria are generally used around the world to determine when an individual is resident in a given country?

How are issues of dual residency resolved?

II. Income Taxation

Income tax issues that arise on termination of residence, including departure/exit taxes and trailing taxation.

Favorable tax regimes for new tax residents.

Cross-border issues regarding pensions and other financial assets.

The impact of dual tax residency on affected individuals.

III. Automatic Information Exchange and Taxpayer Rights

What rights do individuals have under EU law with respect to information exchanged under both FATCA and CRS?

How have these exchanges been challenged around the world?

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