Work of SEAT co-founders featured in Bloomberg article by Andreas Kluth

The work of three of SEAT’s co-founders – John Richardson, Laura Snyder and Karen Alpert – is featured in an article published today in BloombergQuint and reprinted in the Washington Post.

The article, by Andreas Kluth, is an open letter to Janet Yellen, Biden’s selection for Secretary of the Treasury.

Kluth does an excellent job of  explaining to Yellen the crippling taxation and banking issues that Americans overseas face. Kluth then explains to Yellen that solutions to the problems are not as complicated as many might believe.

Notably, Kluth draws attention to Richardson, Snyder & Alpert’s article recently published in Tax Notes, “A Simple Regulatory Fix for Citizenship Taxation.” This article explains the simple regulatory actions that the Treasury Department can take that would, in the absence of legislative change, improve the lives of Americans living overseas and permit the IRS to better focus its limited resources to more effectively administer the U.S. tax system.

Kluth’s letter to Yellen is available here.

Richardson, Snyder & Alpert’s article is available here and here.

A podcast in which Richardson, Snyder & Alpert discuss with Robert Goulder of Tax Notes the solutions proposed in their article is available here.


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