SEAT Launch

As reported in the American Expat Financial News Journal, Stop Extraterritorial American Taxation (SEAT) is a new organization with a mission to educate and advocate for the end of US taxation of the tax residents of other countries.

As many Americans living overseas know, the United States is unique in applying the same tax rules to all citizens, wherever they actually reside. A problem arises when the US uses tax policy to “encourage” citizens to invest inside the US and applies punitive tax rules on “foreign” investments, businesses, and retirement savings vehicles. What is not well appreciated is the impact this has on not only the individual Americans who live outside the US, but also on global labor mobility, and the economies of the countries where these American citizens live.

While there are several organizations for American expatriates that address the tax issues, none is solely focused on extraterritorial taxation. SEAT is a non-partisan international organization created under the laws of France (Law of 1901). Furthermore, SEAT does not accept sponsorship from anyone in the tax compliance industry, so you can be sure that information on this site is independent. You can learn more about SEAT and its founders on our website.

To hear more about SEAT, it’s mission, and the survey we are launching, listen to John Richardson‘s podcast introducing SEAT:

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