Attention US Voters Abroad!

SEAT Education

SEAT was formed for the purpose of providing education in furtherance of understanding and encouraging politicians, academics, professionals, expat organizations and individuals to “Stop Extraterritorial American Taxation“. One of SEAT’s initiatives was the SEAT Survey which demonstrated the horrible effects of US citizenship-based taxation.

In addition, SEAT’s founding members have published various articles, blog posts and submissions to governments (both individually and collectively) to provide education and understanding about how the US tax system impacts individuals who are “tax residents” of other countries and do not live in the United States.

Part of our educational initiative has been to clarify that the only thing that will solve the problems of ALL affected individuals (expats, emigrants or accidental Americans) is the complete severance of “citizenship” from the definition of US tax residency. We argue that a transition to residence-based taxation means: RBT as practiced by the rest of the world.

To put it simply:

“Citizenship is irrelevant in defining tax residency!”

We are proud of our work and we believe that we have played a significant role in defining the issues.

SEAT Advocacy

SEAT is entirely nonpartisan. As an organization we support NO political party and support ONLY the principle of severing citizenship from tax residency.

When we formed SEAT we considered whether to invite people to become members of SEAT. We decided against formal membership because we understand both our objective (education) and our limitations (nonpartisan). Our problems have always been:

  1. How to best do our educational work; and
  2. How to advocate for change in a nonpartisan way.

SEAT does not and will not advocate for political parties. SEAT will ALWAYS advocate for ideas and candidates who support severing citizenship from tax residency.

Introducing “US Voters Abroad”

The SEAT survey, individual submissions to the Senate Finance Committee, the extraordinary crowd funding of the FATCA Canada lawsuit, Jenny’s UK based FATCA lawsuit, the Paris based Accidental Americans Association, Monte Silver’s Transition Tax lawsuit, the Isaac Brock Society and various social media groups, are proof that individuals – regardless of political party – feel the unfairness of US extraterritorial tax policies.

In fact, when it comes to the extra-territorial application of US tax laws, what unites Americans Abroad is FAR GREATER than what divides Americans Abroad!”

Democracy Is NOT A spectator Sport!

To date individuals have NOT come together for the purposes of organized advocacy. Rather, they have relied on organizations (ACA, Democrats Abroad, etc.) to do their advocacy. This is a mistake! Although SEAT supports all efforts at advocacy we believe that the effectiveness of advocacy is a function of the number of individuals who get involved! In other words, it’s time for individuals to become directly involved in advocacy! It’s also time for individuals to be clear that they are advocating for severing citizenship from tax residency! It’s also time for individuals to understand that political parties and candidates deserve your support ONLY to the extent that they publicly commit to severing citizenship from tax residency!

It’s time for individuals to convey to parties and to candidates that they/you will not vote for them unless they support severing citizenship from tax residency!

In furtherance of the advocacy of ideas, SEAT is taking a leadership role in uniting “US Voters Abroad”. “US Voters Abroad” is a coalition of “like minded voters” who are committed to using their vote in the way that has the greatest likelihood of effecting the political change necessary to “Stop Extraterritorial American Taxation”.

If you share our goal of ending the US extraterritorial tax regime and you believe in SEAT’s work then we invite you to follow, support and participate in the new movement of Americans Abroad – “US Voters Abroad”. We will make it easy for you to participate. All Americans abroad need your support! If you want to retain your US citizenship and if you do NOT want your children to be burdened by the consequences of the current US extraterritorial tax regime, then support SEAT by supporting “US Voters Abroad”.

More to follow. But, for now please remember that …

“US Voters Abroad” will provide opportunities for participation through all social media channels. But let’s start with:


John Richardson