At the Intersection of Taxation and Migration

On 4 July 2024 SEAT co-founders Laura Snyder and John Richardson made a presentation at The Migration Conference 2024 Mexico City.

Their presentation was entitled Land of the Free? The Formidable Fiscal Barriers Americans Face When They Try to Live Outside the United States.

As the conference title indicates, the focus was on migration. The opening plenary session discussed the “externalization” of U.S. immigration policies and the resulting violations of human rights. In listening to the discussion, Snyder and Richardson were struck by the considerable similarities between, on the one hand, how the United States enlists other countries to enforce U.S. immigration policies and, on the other hand, how the United States also enlists other countries to enforce U.S. emigration (taxation and banking) policies. This, also, results in the violation of human rights, as well as of constitutional rights.

The PowerPoint Snyder and Richardson used in their presentation can be viewed and downloaded here:

A photo from the opening plenary session of the conference. From left to right: Karla Valenzuela-Moreno (Universidad Iberoamericana), Hermana Magda Silva (CAFEMIN), Maria Dolores Paris Pombo (COLEF-Tijuana, Mexico), Emilio Alvarez-Icaza (Mexican Senate).


John and Laura at the conference.



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