If You Live in France, Please Participate in a Survey Conducted by The Local

Do you live in France? If so, please participate in a survey being conducted by The Local France.

You can access the survey at this link (scroll down a bit).

You’ll be asked a short series of questions about U.S. taxation and FATCA. It shouldn’t take long to participate, but if you do want to take time to tell your story(ies) you will certainly have the opportunity to do so.

This is a very good opportunity to attract attention to the problems caused by the U.S.-nationality based tax system, and to call for reform.

We don’t know for how long the survey will be open, so participate without delay! Thank you!

We also don’t know if The Local will conduct comparable surveys for Americans living in countries other than France. If we learn that they are we’ll be sure to let you know and to encourage you to participate.

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