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At the end of this post, see two lists of Representatives and their contact information.

Did you know that there are members of Congress who object to taxation that discriminates against Americans that is imposed by other countries? Yet, those same members of Congress do nothing about taxation that discriminates against Americans that is imposed by the United States itself.

An article recently published in both Tax Notes Federal (paywall) and Tax Notes International (paywall) entitled “Discriminatory Taxes and Congress: Do as I Say, Not as I Do” explains this hypocrisy. The article was written by SEAT co-founder Laura Snyder.

The article is available outside the paywall at this link.

Even if – as explained below – you don’t use this article to contact members of Congress, **please download the article** from this link. As is always the case, the more downloads articles like this get, the greater the visibility of the article to people not yet familiar with the issues. Downloading the article is free (no cost) and takes only a few seconds to do.

In addition to downloading, SEAT recommends that you also use this article as a reason to **contact the members of Congress listed below.** They are the people who have expressed opposition to discriminatory taxes imposed by other countries. The article provides more information on this.

Ask these members of Congress to end their hypocrisy by finally taking action to end the discriminatory U.S. extraterritorial tax system. We have prepared a template for the contents of your email that you can use for this purpose if you choose to do so.

You can access the template here. You can also draft your own email.

You should reach out to each of these members of Congress regardless of whether you are a constituent of any of them. (Or, you should reach out to as many as you have time for).

If, however, you are a constituent of any of the persons listed below, it is doubly important that you reach out to your Representative (and, if you are from Idaho, also your Senator) and call them out on their hypocrisy. In that case, in your email, be sure to identify yourself as a constituent.

You’ll note that two Representatives appear on both lists: Rep. Mike Kelly [R-PA-16] and Rep. Claudia Tenney [R-NY-24]. They should be contacted as a matter of priority, and most especially if one of them is your Representative.

After that, you should prioritize contacting Rep. Jason Smith [R-MO-8] (he is the Chair of the House Ways & Means Committee and he introduced H.R. 3665) and Rep. Brian Higgins [D-NY-26] (he has been the most vocal in Congressional opposition to Canada’s Underused Housing Tax).

For more information about the discriminatory policies and why they make hypocrites of the persons listed below, please do have a look at the contents of the article “Discriminatory Taxes and Congress: Do as I Say, Not as I Do.”

If you hear back from any Congressional office that you write to, please let SEAT know about the response that you receive.



  1. You should reach out to each Representative via their Legislative Director, whose name and email address are provided below.
  2. The contact information below is correct as to the best of our abilities and as of the date of this post. If you become aware of any error regarding the name of any Legislative Director and/or their email address, please let us know.

Cosponsors of H.R. 3665:

1) Rep. Jodey C. Arrington [R-TX-19]

Legislative Director: Ms. Mimi Bair



2) Rep. Vern Buchanan [R-FL-16]

Legislative Director: Mr. Aaron Bill



3) Rep. Mike Carey [R-OH-15]

Legislative Director: Ms. Kaitlyn Dwyer



4) Rep. Ron Estes [R-KS-4]

Legislative Director: Ms. Elizabeth Young



5) Rep. Randy Feenstra [R-IA-4]

Legislative Director: Mr. Tim Medeiros



6) Rep. Drew Ferguson [R-GA-3]

Legislative Director: Ms. Allie White



7) Rep. Michelle Fischbach [R-MN-7]

Legislative Director: Mr. Sean Murphy



8) Rep. Brian K. Fitzpatrick [R-PA-1]

Legislative Director: Ms. Jacqueline Collie Baggett



9) Rep. Mike Kelly [R-PA-16]

Legislative Director: Mr. Quinn Ritchie



10) Rep. Kevin Hern [R-OK-1]

Legislative Director: Ms. Dominique Yelinski



11) Rep. David Kustoff [R-TN-8]

Legislative Director: Ms. Eliana Goodman



12) Rep. Darin LaHood [R-IL-16]

Legislative Director: Mr. Greg Warren



13) Rep. Nicole Malliotakis [R-NY-11]

Legislative Director: Mr. Michael DeFilippis



14) Rep. Carol D. Miller [R-WV-1]

Legislative Director: Ms. Emily Henn



15) Rep. Blake D. Moore [R-UT-1]

Legislative Director: Mr. Paul Johnson



16) Rep. Gregory Murphy [R-NC-3]

Legislative Director: McLean Piner



17) Rep. David Schweikert [R-AZ-1]

Legislative Director: Mr. Chad Michaels



18) Rep. Adrian Smith [R-NE-3]

Legislative Director: Mr. Josh Jackson



18) Rep. Jason Smith [R-MO-8]

Legislative Director: Ms. Hilary Pinegar


Note: Rep. Smith is the Chair of the House Ways & Means Committee and he introduced H.R. 3665


19) Rep. Lloyd Smucker [R-PA-11]

Legislative Director: Ms. Noelle Britton



20) Rep. Michelle Steel [R-CA-45]

Legislative Director: Mr. Ken Clifford



21) Rep. Gregory Steube [R-FL-17]

Legislative Director: Ms. Twinkle Patel



22) Rep. Claudia Tenney [R-NY-24]

Legislative Director: Mr. George Iverson



23) Rep. Beth Van Duyne [R-TX-24]

Legislative Director: Mr. Ryan Dilworth



24) Rep. Brad R. Wenstrup [R-OH-2]

Legislative Director: Mr. Luke Graeter



Senator expressing support for H.R. 3665:

25) Sen. Mike Crapo [R-Id.]

Legislative Director: Ms. Molly Carpenter



Signatories of letter to Blinken protesting Canada’s Underused Housing Tax:

1) Rep. Joe Courtney [D-Conn-2]

Legislative Director: Ms. Maria Costigan



2) Rep. Brian Higgins [D-NY-26]

Legislative Director: Ms. Lyndsey Barnes



3) Rep. Mike Kelly [R-PA-16]

Legislative Director: Mr. Quinn Ritchie



4) Rep. Andy Kim [D-NJ-3]

Legislative Director: Mr. Tom Carnes



5) Rep. Nicholas Langworthy [R-NY-23]

Legislative Director: Mr. Will Smith



6) Rep. Nancy Mace [R-SC-1]

Legislative Director: Mr. Randal Meyer



7) Rep. Brian Mast [R-Fla-21]

Legislative Director: Mr. Ross Dietrich



8) Rep. Max Miller [R-Oh-7]

Legislative Director: Mr. Steve Hansen



9) Rep. Claudia Tenney [R-NY-24]

Legislative Director: Mr. George Iverson



10) Rep. Paul Tonko [D-NY-20]

Legislative Director: Ms. Emily Silverberg



11) Rep. Jennifer Wexton [D-Va-10]

Legislative Director: Mr. Chris Katson



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