Residence-Based Taxation – Who, How, When and Where

In response to a discussion on Facebook, SEAT members John Richardson, Karen Alpert, Keith Redmond and Suzanne Herman participated in an open video call to discuss questions of:

A. What is residence-based taxation; and

B. What is not residence-based taxation

The introductory part of the conversation was recorded, and afterwards there was a Q&A session (not recorded).

The recorded portion of the conversation is divided into the following three modules:

  1. What is the difference between definitions of “tax residency” (who is subject to tax) and “worldwide taxation” (what is the scope of income that is taxed?
  2. What does SEAT mean by “PureRBT”?
  3. There are millions of Americans abroad: Thoughts on how to transition from citizenship-based taxation to PureRBT …

Thanks to all attendees who participated in the later discussion.

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