Understanding US @Citizenshiptax and why ending #FATCA will have no effect on US tax policies

Participants Include:

John Richardson – @Expatriationlaw

Dr. Karen Alpert – @FixTheTaxTreaty

Dr. Laura Snyder – @TAPInternation

Suzanne Herman – @SuzanneHerman1

Keith Redmond – @Keith__Redmond

The core mission of SEAT is to “Stop Extraterritorial American Taxation“.

Extraterritorial American taxation is system that imposes worldwide taxation, on the non-US income of people who live outside the United States in other countries. US taxation of nonresidents is the reason for FATCA.


1. Ending FATCA will NOT “Stop Extraterritorial American Taxation”; but

2. Ending “Extraterritorial American Taxation” will end the rationale for FATCA.


This podcast includes a discussion of (1) what Extraterritorial Americans taxation is and how it impacts people who live in other countries.

The message: individuals impacted by “Extraterritorial American Taxation” must understand that the “original sin” is “Extraterritorial American Taxation”. Those impacted by these unjust and immoral U.S. tax policies must understand that this is a problem that is bigger than one individual. Things that do not affect you today could affect you tomorrow. Extraterritorial American Taxation must end.


“If we don’t hang together, we will hang separately!”

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