SEAT is conducting a survey to learn more about how persons living outside the United States experience US taxation and banking policies.

The survey will enable SEAT to better educate policymakers in the United States and around the world, the media, and the public more generally about the experiences persons living outside the United States have with respect to such policies.

All current and former US citizens and green card holders living outside the United States and their family members are strongly encouraged to participate.

To be clear, our invitation includes, in addition to current US citizens and green card holders: (1) the foreign spouses/partners of US persons living outside the United States, (2)  those who identify as “Accidental Americans” and, (3) those who used to be US citizens but who have renounced or relinquished their citizenship.

To participate in the survey, please click on the link below. Please share this link on social media platforms and encourage others who are eligible to also participate.

The survey will be open for submissions until 30 November 2020. We expect to publish our findings in February 2021.

SEAT is an international not-for-profit association based in France. SEAT’s purpose is to end the taxation by the United States of the worldwide income of persons who are tax residents of another country. These policies affect many different kinds of residents of other countries: American expatriates, American emigrants, Accidental Americans, green card holders, and, for each kind, their families. The policies also affect the countries where they live. The policies have caused many to give up their US citizenship.

SEAT is an independent, non-partisan association. It has no regard for political preferences or party affiliations. It has no connection to any member of the tax compliance industry. Each of SEAT’s founding members is a volunteer.